Borehole Gyro Trajectory Measurements

Pin-point accuracy underground.

We point the way for every borehole in every direction with pin-point accuracy. Shortest downtimes, simplest installation, highest trajectory accuracy as well as first results within 30 min. are in the focus of our service. Thanks to the choice of three service packages tailored to requirements, not only the drilling trajectory, but also the project costs are on target.

Areas of application

Gyro Bohloch Trajektorie Vermessung
  • pilot and directional drilling

  • exploratory drillings

  • pipe umbrella screen and injection drilling

  • freezing boreholes

  • raise-drill pilot drilling

  • large-scale geothermal drilling

  • pile foundations, rock- and soil anchor drilling

MEMS pin-point the heading

  • highest precision thanks to the use of state-of-the-art MEMS gyro technology

  • easy to use in magnetic, cased or uncased boreholes

  • choice of multi-shot or continuous measurement

  • results clear and easy to understand – N+S presentation in tabular form and in 2D or 3D graphics

Convincing benefits

Geomechanische Versuche Vorteile
  • no need to remove rods

  • up to f 5 shorter measuring time compared to magnetic probes for cased holes

  • first results within 30min. directly on-site

  • highest trajectory accuracy < 0.2%

  • vertical drillings d 30mm – 1200mm

  • directional drilling and wedge orientation 

  • drilling depths up to 6000m with heat shield up to 260°C

Customised services. flexible. tailored to requirements. reliable.

Bohrloch Trajektorie Leistung