The PLUS in Expertise.

The collection of reliable geotechnical and hydrogeological parameters is based on an integral consideration of all project parameters. This is why clients and design engineers call on Polymetra’s expertise right from the conception, planning and execution of exploration campaigns. By means of interdisciplinary analysis and well-founded practical experience, Polymetra’s experts produce reliable results with the highest degree of prediction reliability and decisive economic benefits.


  • Technical advice on borehole campaigns

  • Conceptual design, planning, project management, site supervision, QA

  • hydrogeological, geotechnical, seismic, engineering-geological consulting

  • geotechnical dimensioning

  • 3D numerical modelling, characterisation and parameterisation

  • Risk analyses, action planning

Areas of consulting

  • underground investigation, tunnels, caverns

  • subsoil, foundation, slope stabilisation

  • natural hazards, landslides

  • well sinking, water supply

  • dams and reservoirs

  • large-scale geothermal energy drilling

  • waste disposal, landfills, contaminated sites

  • Deep geological repositories, rock laboratories

Convincing advantages

  • smart, practice-oriented solutions thanks to combining of multidisciplinary expert knowledge and project experience.

  • specialists from the fields of hydrogeology, environment, geotechnics, civil engineering and measurement technology

  • interfaces under control – from planning to analytics to 3-D modelling

  • high quality combined with efficiency