Hydrogeological In-Situ Testing

Prediction reliability underground.

Reliable hydrogeological In-situ-Tests are based on experience and trust. Out of the many players on the market, only a handful of specialists in Europe are capable to conduct In-situ-Tests whereby the result output complies with the true formation parameters. At Polymetra, we work in every step with passion, a wealth of experience and expertise for your desired result: PREDICTION RELIABILITY.

Areas of application

Hydrogeologische In-Situ-Versuche
  • underground structures, tunnel, caverns

  • site evaluation of landfills and contaminated dump sites

  • risk assessment of natural hazards

  • testing and sampling of particular aquifers at any depth

  • rock assessment for jet grouting

  • site evaluation for geothermal energy

Turning data into prediction reliability

Aus Daten wird Prognosesicherheit
  • pressure transmitters are located directly in the testing interval; this eliminates pressure disturbances caused by friction.

  • complex boundary conditions are included   in the data analysis resulting in reliable formation parameters

  • analytical flow models are iteratively  adjusted during the analysis for accurate prediction

Decisive advantages at a glance

Die Vorteile auf einen Blick
  • up to f 3 reduced downtimes due to IOR and SIT technology without external pressure lines

  • simple installation on standard drill rods

  • cost efficiency thanks to customised services

  • best prediction reliability by including all relevant hydraulic parameters into the data analysis

Customised services. flexible. tailored to requirements. reliable.