Rock-stress and -deformation In-Situ Testing

Cost-optimised design thanks to reliable rock mechanical parameters.

For cost-optimised dimensioning and long-term stability of challenging underground structures, geotechnical engineers rely on accurate rock-mechanical parameters. By applying our field-proven technology, Polymetra guarantees not only short testing times for in-situ rock stresses. In our commitment to top quality stands above all a clever synthesis of expert knowledge and advanced analysis methods, which guarantees your desired result: PREDICTION RELIABILITY.

Areas of application

In-situ Gebirgsspannungsmessung
  • underground structures such as Tunnel and caverns

  • dams and power-house caverns

  • dimensioning of pressure tunnels and shafts

  • underground storage infrastructure

  • Flushing pressure optimisation for offshore oil wells

Decisive benefits

Geomechanische Versuche Vorteile
  • up to 60% shorter testing time due to ADV technology

  • lower costs thanks to the choice of customised service packages tailored to requirements

  • highest prediction reliability thanks to expert knowledge combined with advanced analysis methods

  • borehole diameter from 60 mm to 216 mm

Customised services. flexible. tailored to requirements. reliable.